Every space is unique. Every client is unique. Our mission at Nina Yael Design Studio is to understand not only the space but to listen to our clients and carefully consider their needs and lifestyle. Mutual understanding and respect bring clarity which is an integral component for a successful interior design outcome.
Our passion for design stems from our extensive traveling experiences throughout the world from Southeast Asia, India, and Africa to Europe and the United States. We are eternal students, and the world map is our classroom. We have worked with many artists, collectors, and architects that have inspired us and helped to shape our aesthetic sensibilities.
From building a Brazilian bespoke showroom that offers exotic hand mixed teas to creating the first boutique hotel in Antalya, Turkey, we have been able to maintain our objective without compromising the integrity of the space. These experiences have allowed us to work with diverse cultures utilizing the craftsmanship of local artisans resulting in projects that present authenticity.
We are often asked what is our style. Style is something that is fluid and in constant motion. We are inclined to combine something old with something new so that there is a sense of historical modernism. Timeless decor comes from knowing how to integrate period pieces with modernism. Our goal at Nina Yael Design Studio is to create spaces that reflect a calm vitality and balance materials that are textural and lush. We are contemporary Interior Designers with an eclectic twist.



Nina Wexler has been in the design industry for over 20 year. Her passion is guided by her integrity and simplicity. Merging her esthetic and design sensibility with an understanding and focus on her client’s needs, she is able to bring her love for people, global travel and creativity to each project.

In 1996, Nina met renowned architect Mark Stumer. A design conversation lead to a “meeting of the minds,” and ultimately mutual admiration and respect for each other’s work. Subsequently, Nina joined the Mojo Stumer design team as a freelance consultant and designer.

In 2012, Nina and Yael were introduced. Their European backgrounds became the backdrop for understanding how each one sees the world. And it was through this lens that they developed a kindred spirit. Nina and Yael take on projects with differing but complementary visions which enable them, as a team, to have a bolder and more comprehensive and creative approach. They intuitively listen to each other and draw strength from the collaboration which began in 2014. Together the combined work results in fresh, exciting and unique ideas.

In addition, to her interior design career, Nina also did window displays for boutique stores in Southampton, NY. She created and designed one of a kind decoupage handbags (Yours Alone, 1982) exclusively for Bloomingdales. Nina is the founder and designer of Free Fingers, hand-made cashmere fingerless gloves, where 100% of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



Yael Benadrete was born in Tel-Aviv and raised in Turkey. She received her BFA from Parsons School of Design. Before moving to NY, she studied Fine Art in Paris for a year. Dedicated to her profession, Yael’s career began at Rockwellgroup where she was project manager for many award winning projects; the first boutique hotel in New York; W Hotel, The Alex Hotel, public spaces for a residential building Bridge Tower Place, Pod restaurant in Philadelphia. Some of the awards include “Best Hotel Award” and “Design Distinction Award” for W hotel, James Beard Award and “Merit Award” for Pod restaurant.

After working at Rockwell Group for 6 years, she moved to Istanbul to be the project manager for Su Hotel, Antalya, Turkey, collaborating with a renowned Istanbul based architect Erentalu.

After completing the first boutique hotel in South of Turkey, she moved back to New York to work at Studio Gaia where she was the designer and project manager for a private residence for American football player; Lavar Arrington.

Before founding Nina Yael Design Studio with Nina Wexler, Yael was a design consultant for Brodsky Organization for some of their residential projects and Alexico Group; real estate developer for some of New York’s most significant buildings. She designed Alexico Group offices in New York, and model apartments for several buildings.